Le Brio

Neïla Salah a grandi à Créteil et rêve de devenir avocate. Inscrite à la grande université parisienne d’Assas, elle se confronte dès le premier jour à Pierre Mazard, professeur connu pour ses provocations et ses dérapages. Pour se racheter une conduite, ce dernier accepte de préparer Neïla au prestigieux concours d’éloquence. A la fois cynique et exigeant, Pierre pourrait devenir le mentor dont elle a besoin… Encore faut-il qu’ils parviennent tous les deux à dépasser leurs préjugés.


  1. Anon 19.10.18

    This is worth my money.

  2. Anon 19.10.18

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  3. Anon 19.10.18

    Better than homocoming buahaha ߘ

  4. Anon 19.10.18

    Le Brio has upgraded

  5. Anon 19.10.18

    Just saw this 3 hours ago and it's now trending ߘ

  6. Anon 19.10.18

    Just because the trailer looks gud doesn't mean the movie will be gud

  7. Anon 19.10.18

    Yo it’s confirmed spidey is in this movie!

  8. Anon 19.10.18

    Pff...better than the new spiderman

  9. Anon 19.10.18


  10. Anon 19.10.18

    Le Brio in this movie = [Prototype] 2.0

  11. Anon 19.10.18

    When this was in my recommend i clicked so fast my finger broke

  12. Anon 19.10.18

    WE ARE Le Brio

  13. Anon 19.10.18

    i can tell this is gonna be a godly movie.

  14. Anon 19.10.18

    1:08 All seeing eye inside the pyramid on his shirt.. Still looks like a great movie!

  15. Anon 19.10.18

    2:19 scared me

  16. Anon 19.10.18


  17. Anon 19.10.18

    eu achei uma merda vei

  18. Anon 19.10.18


  19. Anon 19.10.18

    So Tom Hardy now got two DC villainous characters to play; Bane and Le Brio. No one has ever had to do that, I think that’s amazing. However, if Bane were to ever get reintroduced for whatever reason.... imagine Tom having to play both in one movie? Lol

  20. Anon 19.10.18

    The story is all wrong how he got the suit. There is only 2 ways Eddie Brock gets it and this is not it.

  21. Anon 19.10.18

    Where Is Spider Man??

  22. Anon 19.10.18

    Sony, why did you have to do this. Marvel studios had a canon Le Brio film planned sometime after Infinity War. Now that's gonna get delayed. You didn't even pronounce symbiot right. They said it like sim-by-oat. Plus, the movie will likely suck considering Marvel isn't in charge.

  23. Anon 19.10.18


  24. Anon 19.10.18

    I'm down!

  25. Anon 19.10.18

    Can't w8 to see HISHE of this having the dispute between \"We are Le Brio\" and \"I am Batman\" (with a \"I am Groot\" maybe) :P

  26. Anon 19.10.18

    #thrilling trailer

  27. Anon 19.10.18

    Tendencia 1 en argentina!!

  28. Anon 19.10.18

    Love a good anti hero!

  29. Anon 19.10.18


  30. Anon 19.10.18

    that introductory music... I sware i have heard it 153,287 times in other trailers... \n\nother than that looks cool

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